Molded rubber products:
Rubber pad, shock absorber pad (metal hanging glue), rubber plate, dust cover, gasket, sealing ring, cushion sleeve, bellows and other products.

Extruded rubber products:
Three yuan extrusion of ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM), silicone rubber (MQ), natural rubber (NR) and other materials. Mainly with rubber tape, hose and sealing strip.

Injection molding below 5000G, mainly nylon (single, 6, double, 6), PVC, PP, polypropylene, polypropylene, elastomer, polyurethane and other materials

Nylon, PVC, dip molding (dip molding)

Stamping parts (less than 800 tons of oil press):
Processing all kinds of special-shaped and tensile parts.

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Rizhao City Lanshan Fukai Rubber Products Co Ltd

Rizhao Fukai rubber products Co., mainly in rubber products (molding, extrusion) and injection molding (5000G), James plastic (DIP), plastic (nylon, PVC), stamping (800 tons of oil press below), machining, metal rod bending roll wire welding, mold NC machining heart four.

Rubber products to three yuan, natural rubber, silicone rubber, styrene butadiene rubber, NBR, chloroprene rubber, polyurethane, and our company also produces high-end cases: rubber, fluorine rubber, hydrogenated nitrile, silicone rubber, silicone rubber, acrylic, high-end ethylene acrylate rubber material.

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Analysis of bubble causes of rubber products
Analysis of bubble causes of rubber products

The causes of bubbles in rubber products: 1, most of the reasons may be raw material problems, we have had similar situations before, for another batch of material is good; otherwise, when the exhaust is not arranged (for reference) 2, rubber mixin

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